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Pokemon Unite's Season 9: Band Style sees Glaceon added to the game's roster

The first anniversary of the game, Pokémon Unite, is officially underway. To celebrate, players will be given various rewards, such as free licenses, and they'll also be able to participate in a unique cake challenge.

The game's ninth season, called Band Style, is live and will be available until September 1. It features various new items, such as the Band Style battle pass and the new Songstress and Pikachu clothing. In addition, the game has also received an update that adds the Fresh Snow version of Glaceon to the MOBA.

Players can get a free license by participating in the Icy Glaceon Challenge to celebrate the game's first anniversary. After that, the license will only cost 10,000 Aeos coins.

The Falcon's moveset comprises two types of moves: Swift and Tailwhip. At levels one and two, the creature Eevee learns two moves: Swift, which attacks opponents with four stars and deals damage, and the slower tailwhip. At level four, he evolves into Glaceon and can choose between Icy Wind or Icicle Spear. The former uses a combination of ice and thorns to launch ice crystals, while the latter uses a basic attack to deal damage.

At level six, players can trade their tailwhip for Ice Shard, increasing Glaceon's movement speed and dealing damage while hitting enemies. At level eight, they can also use its Glacial Stage to create a diamond-shaped ice zone. This move allows Glaceon to deal AoE damage while boosting its special attack.
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